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    Introducing Ankleaid

    The first water submersion device designed specifically for ankle and foot therapy. There is nothing on the market that compares to it.

  • AnkleAid for Cryo/Cold Therapy

    AnkleAid used with ice water can help reduce pain, swelling, and tissue breakdown on ankle sprains, strains, Achilles tendonitis, and more. Get the facts.

    AnkleAid for Thermal/Heat Therapy

    AnkleAid used with hot water can help reduce pain, stiffness, and increase blood flow to the healing area on ankle sprains, muscle spasms, and more. Get the facts.

  • Healing the Nation

    With its comfortable design and durability, it’s easy to see why AnkleAid is currently being used by Physical Therapy centers, Podiatrists, post-op surgery patients, seniors, weekend warrior rec athletes, high schools, colleges, sports teams, and individuals across the U.S.

  • Testimonials

    “As an avid runner, there’s nothing worse than being stuck inside with a bum ankle. I needed something that would help me heal quickly, but I’m incredibly sensitive to cold so I was never able to treat my ankle for as long as my doctors recommended. Because AnkleAid allows me to keep my toes out of the water, I’m able to keep my ankle in the ice bath longer, giving my ankle the full treatment it needs to heal fast.

    Already obsessed. It feels SO GOOD. Beats peas by 10,000%!"

    Kari Lynne, Avid long distance runner

  • Reviews

    “We have been using the ankle aid for about a month now at our schools and in the clinic.  Our Athletic Training staff has been impressed by its’ ease of use, quick turnover between athletes, and portability.  The smart design allows the ankle to remain in a neutral position and eliminates the need for toe caps.  Great product!”

    — Mike Bidwell PTA, ATC, CSCS

Ankle Sprain Treatment and Foot Injury Therapy Device

Ice and Thermal Heat Ankle Treatment Therapy Bath

Ex Jock's Apology - Introducing AnkleAid

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