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About Scott McKay


Not since The Three Stooges has a man parlayed injuries into such a fantastic business venture.

The roots of AnkleAid began way back in the ‘80s, with Scott most likely rocking a haircut and cheesy mustache he’d rather forget. A self-described gym rat, Scott was blowing off steam during finals week by shooting some hoops when he was asked to play in a pickup game. Wearing a pair of untied Air Jordan 1’s given to him by his friend, Scott joined the game without actually lacing up his sneakers, landed awkwardly, and tore the ligaments in his ankle. This set Scott’s ankles off on a downward spiral for the next 20+ years.

A graduate of UCONN, Scott decided to venture into the exciting world of insurance, working for some of the largest insurance companies in America, rising to the rank of Chief Credit Officer. Although he was enjoying much professional success, his recreational life was taking a toll on his ankles. Sprains, strains, fractures, Scott’s foot spent so much time in an ice bucket it may as well have been called Dom Perignon. After a pep talk failed to inspire Scott to stick his entire foot in a bucket of ice just one more time, he realized how comfortable he was with his toes out of the water when only his ankle was submerged. And from this came the earliest AnkleAid, a bucket with a sneaker heel attached. Scott fine-tuned and tweaked his creation through several iterations until finally landing on the one-piece durable-plastic version for sale today.

Outside of AnkleAid, Scott maintains a very active lifestyle. He is an avid golfer, travels the world, works out, sneaks into a pick-up game from time to time, and serves on the Quinnipiac University School of Health Sciences Advisory Board. Scott also helps like-minded entrepreneurs with their new product ideas and shares his experience with them. He currently resides in Ellington, Connecticut and has been excited to see how his creation has been helping not only hardcore athletes, but also the public at large in dealing with their ankle issues. He has also been pleasantly surprised to find out that folks are using the AnkleAid to treat Achilles, elbow, wrist, and plantar fasciitis issues.

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