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"I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much our athletes and staff appreciate the Ankleaid. It works beautifully in getting the ankle and foot area iced while keeping the toes out of the frigid temperatures! We also use it for elbows pretty effectively.


Every athletic training room has a few and they get used every day. Thank you again for bringing this tool to our attention. We’ll be ordering more soon."

- John J. Kasik MS ATC Cped
Associate AD/Sports Medicine
University of South Carolina
RICE Athletics Center

“AnkleAid is great for plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains. The slight stretch positioning is very helpful in restoring dorsiflexion when receiving treatment. I see this as the standard in cryotherapy modality." 


- Dr. Dennis Frisch
Owner of Boca Raton Podiatry
Former President of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association (FPMA) & Trustee of the American Podiatric Medical Association

“We have been using the ankle aid for about a month now at our schools and in the clinic.  Our Athletic Training staff has been impressed by its’ ease of use, quick turnover between athletes, and portability.  The smart design allows the ankle to remain in a neutral position and eliminates the need for toe caps.  Great product!”


— Mike Bidwell PTA, ATC, CSCS

Integrated Rehabilitation Sevices

"I have been a physical therapist (PT) for 31 years. I’m a coach and a dad too.  In my opinion, when an ankle or foot injury requires ice treatment, there is no better way to treat it than with an AnkleAid.  It is a terrific tool for therapists to use on patients who have acute and chronic foot/ankle injuries and require vasoconstriction and reduction of swelling.  It is ergonomically correct, providing the patient with optimal comfort with a slight stretch during treatment.  It also eliminates the risk of frost nip and/or frost bite of the toes, as the toes stay out of the ice bath.  For the therapist, an added time-saving benefit is that it uses a minimal amount of water and ice versus filling a whirlpool.  Because AnkleAid is so affordable and portable, therapists can have multiple AnkleAids in their training room, clinic, etc. and take them on the go. Patients can get one to keep at home as it's very important to ice down injuries multiple times throughout a 24-hour cycle. 
Like bandaids and ace bandages, I think AnkleAid will become a mainstay not only in every physical therapy office, but also in every home in America." 

—Bob Moore, PT, CEAS II

CEO and Founder

Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness

"I have been using the AnkleAid™ for one month and have been thoroughly impressed with the design and ease of use of this product. It is light weight, durable, simple to clean, requires minimal storage space, and holds a consistent temperature during treatment. The anatomical design is comfortable and keeping the toes exposed promotes increased patient compliance with prescribed treatment times.

Patient response to this product has been nothing but positive. They were very impressed with how warm the toes stayed during treatment and reported if they had to submerge the toes, they would be less likely to adhere to the required treatment time.

I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking to add an alternative method for icing and heating the ankle/foot complex."


— Daniel Henck PT

Lead Physical Therapist

Saint Francis Hospital Center for Occupational Health and Rehabilitation

Windsor, CT

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