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The First Ice and Heat Water Submersion Bath for Ankle Injuries

The AnkleAid Story

We would love to say that the AnkleAid came about as a brilliant epiphany, not at all connected to years of ankle injuries, but … we can’t say that. Our various ankle injuries and problems led us to two conclusions: 1) dipping your entire foot into a bucket of ice is one way to treat ankle injuries and see how many swear words you can come up with in 4 seconds, 2) there had to be a better way to treat your ankle injuries without the ridiculous brain freeze that accompanies dipping your toes in ice water. 

After a few months of tinkering with various buckets, we finally found our solution in a champagne bucket. Classy, right? The champagne bucket provided the optimal size and comfort angle, and once that was achieved, we went to work on butchering a sneaker or two. We cut off everything but the bottom and the heel, which would evolve into the foot ramp/heel design. It was this concoction of champagne bucket and sneaker heel that led to the AnkleAid you see before you today. 

AnkleAid is proudly made and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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