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  • IRMA M.

    "I run on the beach often and my ankles always hurt afterword. I use 2 AnkleAid baths alternating between hot and cold, and within the hour I'm pain free...great product!" - Irma M
  • Damion G

    I was playing soccer when I jumped and landed awkwardly spraining my ankle. I was in considerable pain and could not put any weight on it. I picked up an Ankleaid and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to walk and the swelling subsided after a few 12 minute treatments. This ice bath is very durable and designed perfectly...I'm so happy I found it!!

    - Damion G.

  • Soccer Dad

    "I am no spring chicken and have had ankle issues for decades due to my own neglect. Years of soccer have taken its toll.  I was typically using buckets and bowls for my ankle icing.  My foot rarely fit right, so not only was I bearing the icy cold treatment, but also doing my best contortionist impression trying to fit my foot in the bucket.  I then did a quick online search and found ANKLEAID.  Wow, where has this product been my whole life!?!  Now I get a game in and can easily treat my ankle while watching a pre-recorded UCL game.  If you are in need of an ankle icing apparatus, then look no more because this is it.  Thank you!"

    - Soccer Dad

  • Kevin Bitz

    "Wife has Parkinsons' disease and also has a partial torn tendon in right foot. We'd been using ice packs or soaking foot in tub. Saw this and bought it. She loves it. She can sit in front of the tv and soak her foot when it gets sore. Highly recommended!"

  • Debra Eason

    "Got this for my husband, he has awful pain with his ankles. He loves it!!!! Since this device keeps your toes out of the water it makes it a lot more tolerable to do an ice bath soak. Great item if you heel problems as well. Highly recommend!!!!!! Item was shipped quickly as well."


    Stellar service and the Ankle Foot Submersion is awesome. The hubby is singing his praises and after some hard tennis tennis today I will be using it later! 


    Magnolia, TX

  • Athletic Trainer at a University in the Atlantic Coast Conference

    I think it is a nice product/concept. We use it for immersion stimulation/ice bucket combo.


    We’re big fans of Ankleaid. We’ve been using the product almost daily here and really have enjoyed having it. The feedback from the student-athletes has all been positive as well, especially the Achilles cases that appreciate not having to have their entire foot submerged during treatment. It’s also been quite helpful with ankle sprains to help restore dorsiflexion while receiving treatment. Overall, I’d say it’s been a pretty solid addition to our program.
  • DIANE H.

    At Bob Moore’s PT suggestion I purchased AnkleAid because I have terrible feet with multiple issues. I ended up getting a second one so I have the luxury of soaking both feet at once. What I discovered was the reminiscent of my hiking days in the National Parks out West. After a long day of hiking my friend and I would look for a mountain stream toward the end of our hike, stop and take our boots and socks off and soak our feet in the cold water. Ahhhhhhh.... it felt so good and our feet felt so much better as we finished up our day. Now I can recreate that feeling by using AnkleAid on my sore tired feet at home. Thanks, Bob!

    Diane H.

    Stamford, CT


    "The AnkleAid is one of those rare devices that you look at & wonder why someone hadn't thought of it long ago. In particular, the positioning of the Achilles in the stretched position affords an ice application with the target area 'on stretch.' Furthermore, the overall size is perfect; just big enough for an ankle submersion in an ice bath, without all the waste of a large whirlpool- making for sanitary refills between patients quick and easy."

    Matt Bayly, Athletic Trainer at Lafayette College


    "We have gotten some good use out of them (AnkleAid) and the players have responded well to them."

    Mike, Athletic Trainer at Rutgers University


    "The AnkleAid has been a hit with my staff and student athletes. We have utilized it for ankle sprains, turf toe, plantar fasciitis, and betadine soaks. Overall It is a great product."

    Anthony, Athletic Trainer at Holy Cross


    "The AnkleAid was a Christmas gift in August. To be honest when I saw it at the Collins booth, in Indianapolis, I said to my associate that we need to get 2 of them. I have been using them almost every day this year. Not just for ankle and Achilles tendon problems, but for elbow and wrist problems as well. It is sure easier than setting up a cold whirlpool and a lot more portable."

    Mark, Athletic Trainer at Bucknell University


    "I like the product. I like the position it puts the ankle in. We have not had many ankle injuries so far this season, but so far I do not see any drawbacks to the product."

    Miguel, Athletic Trainer from University of Colorado

  • Michael C

    "Bob Moore, Noah & Team,

    Just wanted to let you know how well the AnkleAid is working for us, My 10 year old daughter and I are both using it religiously each night, the improvement is remarkable and so much more effective than our traditional “pasta pot” filled with Ice for a full crammed in toe dunk!

    I combined the AnkleAid with a couple of early laser treatments for an aggressive ankle sprain and was back in action in days.

    Thanks for all you do… Its better with BMOORE!"

    Michael C

  • Julia Cutler

    "I recently had surgery on my lower calf. AnkleAid served a two-fold purpose for me. Icing my leg helped keep the swelling down from the surgery, and using hot water in the device helped me to keep the incision clean and soft. I was having a lot of trouble getting the wound to heal, and adding AnkleAid to my strategy helped it to heal very quickly and I am now fully recovered. Thanks for the invention, it was not only helpful, but made wound care easy!"

    Julia Cutler

  • Kevin Ollie - UCONN Men's Head Basketball Coach

    "Thanks so much for sending us the AnkleAid; what a great invention!  We look forward to being able to use it in the future and we always appreciate it when UCONN alum help take care of their team."

    Kevin Ollie
    UCONN Men's Head Basketball Coach
    2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion

  • Kari Lynne

  • Tracy

    "My 12 year old son Drew broke his ankle jumping on a trampoline. Drew thought the AnkleAid was pretty cool and liked that his whole foot did not freeze. I liked it because his entire ankle was getting soaked, not just one side like when he used the ice pack. Loved how deep the tub was, water did not splash all over when carried to the living room. And it worked miracles...went back to the doctor and he came out of the boot two weeks earlier than expected! Thanks AnkleAid...we loved it!!"


  • Chris

    "As a college track & field athlete I do a lot of damage to my joints, especially my ankles.  Icing my ankles is difficult because of poor circulation in my toes.  The AnkleAid makes it easy to ice my ankles without freezing my toes.  It's also perfect for on the go.  I just pack it and take it with me to all of my competitions.  It helps me recover much quicker when I ice down right after a competition."


  • Jeanna

    "I just had foot surgery and was having trouble icing my very sore foot.  I used the AnkleAid once before my stitches were removed so my foot was still heavily bandaged, but it felt great.  I used the plastic AnkleAid booties to keep my wound dry and sanitary which helped so much.  After the stitches and bandages were removed yesterday, the AnkleAid helped to sooth my foot!  I went back to work today and couldn't wait to get home and ice my foot because it was so swollen!  Now I'm hooked.  I love this!  Thank you so much!"


  • Frances

    "After trying the AnkleAid for my Plantar fasciitis, I obtained relief after only a few uses. The AnkleAid was easy to use and effectively targeted the affected area. We plan on keeping it around for the inevitable next ankle or foot injury (our kids play baseball, basketball, and tennis). Thanks for coming up with such a practical solution!"


  • Sherry

    "After receiving a diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis, a friend of mine introduced me to Ron, a distributor of the AnkleAid. I gave the AnkleAid a try and the pain was gone within a couple of uses. I still use it so the pain will not return. What I like about the AnkleAid is that only my ankle sits in the ice bath, leaving my toes out of the water. I would recommend this product, and already have to several people. AnkleAid got rid of the plantar fasciitis much faster than just applying ice, making me very satisfied."


  • Art

    "Just wanted to share my experience with your new product, AnkleAid. While recently working in my yard I twisted my ankle, which started to swell almost immediately. At the same time, I was experiencing some discomfort due to gout in the same ankle. Well, AnkleAid to the rescue! Not only did the ice bath take care of the swelling, it also gave me relief from the burning sensation that accompanies the gout. Within a day or two, I was back to normal, whatever normal is for a 70 year old. Thanks Scott, wishing you much success."


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