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AnkleAid™ Announces Product Launch

Ellington, Connecticut-based startup company launches product to aid in ankle and foot therapy.


(New Haven, CT) – As anyone who has ever had an ankle injury can tell you, sometimes treating the injury is as bad as sustaining it. The makers of AnkleAid are hoping their new product can help alleviate the discomfort that comes with “routine” treatments such as ice-baths and frozen bags of peas, and provide a more relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly, effective device when it comes to healing ankle and foot injuries.


Often when treating ankle injuries, cold temperatures are pushed towards the extremities, causing pain in the toes. AnkleAid is an easy-to-use water submersion device designed specifically to keep your toes out of the water. AnkleAid features a calf cutout in the back, a heel within the body and an angled foot ramp in the front. This design allows users to employ AnkleAid from a comfortable, reclined position. The hard-plastic molding is perfect for both cold and hot therapy, giving the user the ability to decide which treatment is best for them. The lightweight design also allows for easy portability, so users can treat their ankle injuries wherever they are comfortable.


“As athletes, we all understand how upsetting it can be to put your favorite activities on hold because of an ankle injury,” said Carolyn Walker, Chief Marketing Officer for AnkleAid. “We designed AnkleAid to minimize the discomfort of ice baths, particularly for your toes. This allows users to treat their foot for longer periods of time, thus ensuring greater compliance with treating regimens.  We’re very excited about this.”


Beyond reducing recovery times, AnkleAid is also incredibly easy to use. Simply find a comfortable spot, and place AnkleAid on a towel. Once this is done, fill the bucket with water (hot or cold) to the desired fill line and insert your foot. If using a cold treatment, just add ice after adding water. When you’re done, drain the AnkleAid and wash with regular soap and water. It’s easy to store and requires no further care.


“We truly believe this will be a real difference maker for the medical community. They now have a product they can recommend for their patients that is not only effective, but is incredibly comfortable to use,” said Walker.


AnkleAid is available for pre-order at


About AnkleAid

AnkleAid is a medical device developer and manufacturer specializing in ankle treatment. Located in Ellington, Connecticut, AnkleAid’s mission is to improve recovery times for ankle and foot injuries by reducing the discomfort associated with traditional medical treatments. AnkleAid is available for sale to the medical community, particularly physical therapists, as well as the general public. For more information, visit

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