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My Toes Are Too Sensitive For An Ice Bath September 28 2015

"I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for as long as I can remember. I’ve had cortisone shots, I wear orthotics, and I stretch regularly. Yet, I still suffer with soreness in my arch and on my heel. Flare-ups range from minor to major, depending on how much activity I engage in that day.

For the days when it's really hurting, deep tissue massages coupled with ice therapy are the doctor's orders. But let's face it - ice therapy is torture. Many doctors tell you to dunk your entire foot into an ice bucket, which according to them is the best method to get the full tissue treatment. This is so unbelievably painful because my toes are so sensitive that they almost immediately freeze and I can’t take the pain associated with that. I discovered a product called AnkleAid. This is a neat product that allows you to soak my ankle in ice-cold water with my toes out, which is great because they are so ultra-sensitive. A 10-minute soak in the AnkleAid is all it takes to gain relief from the pain.”

Note: AnkleAid can also be used with hot water as well.

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