AnkleAid Sponsors Walgreen's Charity Golf Classic "The Legends Tour" March 06 2017

AnkleAid founder, Scott McKay, is a lifetime athlete who has nearly mastered the game of golf.  His passion for the sport runs deep, which is one of the reasons he invented AnkleAid.  Over the years, Scott has suffered from countless ankle injuries.  When his toes just couldn't withstand the traditional ice bath, he looked for alternatives.  And when nothing else could satisfy him, he decided to create a new product, AnkleAid. You can read more about Scott and his story here

Since AnkleAid launched, the golfing community has embraced the product.  In fact, AnkleAid is sold at 8 Golf Courses on the East Coast.  As part of AnkleAid's commitment to the golfing community, the company sponsored Walgreen's Charity Golf Classic "The Legends Tour."  We were one of many sponsors, including Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Hersey, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, among others (see sponsor graphic below).  


Ron Mirek, National Sales Director for AnkleAid is pictured above with the AnkleAid booth at Walgreens Charity Golf Classic "The Legends Tour."

The Legends Tour showcases the talents of LPGA Tour professionals age 45 and over and represents some of the most memorable and talented female golfers in the history of the game. With 120+ members and growing, The Legends Tour roster of players has combined for nearly 750 wins on the LPGA Tour, including 80+ major championships. Fourteen LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famers play The Legends Tour; nine have served has Solheim Cup captains and dozens more have played Solheim. The tour has helped raise over $18 million for charity.

We are very proud to have been a part of this tremendous event!