Home Reviews 2 September 13 2013

"I have been a physical therapist (PT) for 31 years. I’m a coach and a dad too.  In my opinion, when an ankle or foot injury requires ice treatment, there is no better way to treat it than with an AnkleAid.  It is a terrific tool for therapists to use on patients who have acute and chronic foot/ankle injuries and require vasoconstriction and reduction of swelling.  It is ergonomically correct, providing the patient with optimal comfort during treatment.  It also eliminates the risk of frost nip and/or frost bite of the toes, as the toes stay out of the ice bath. Because AnkleAid is so affordable and portable, therapists can have multiple AnkleAids in their training room, clinic, etc. and take them on the go."

Bob Moore, PT, CEAS II 

CEO and Founder

Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness