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Sprained Ankle Treatment and Therapy

How To Treat an Ankle Sprain and Aid Recovery

An ankle sprain is a painful injury to your ankle that occurs when ligaments to your ankle are injured. Ankle sprains are generally caused by movements such as twisting, turning and rolling of the foot, and are classified as inversion (lateral) ankle sprains, which is the most common, and eversion (medial) ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are given a grade of 1, 2, and 3 to classify their severity, with a grade 3 being the worst.

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Because the pain and swelling associated with ankle sprains is caused by blood flowing into the injured tissue area, it’s important to limit blood flow to the area when treating a sprained ankle. Cold therapy ice baths, such as AnkleAid, restrict blood vessels, limiting the amount of blood that circulates into your sprained ankle. AnkleAid’s form of ankle sprain treatment restricts blood flow to the injured area making AnkleAid the best treatment when it comes to reducing swelling and limiting the damage to your sprained ankle.

The Anatomy of an Ankle Sprain

When an ankle sprain occurs, ankle ligaments are damaged and blood is released into the ankle tissue that surrounds the ankle. This increased blood flow adds fluid and white blood cells into the area, which causes the swelling and bruising associated with ankle sprains. Because this area is now full of fluid, the surrounding nerves also become very sensitive, which is why you feel pain, throbbing and warmth in your ankle.

Ankle Sprain Grades

  • Grade 1 – The least severe ankle sprain grade. Grade 1 sprains are defined as mild ligament damage, which may cause light swelling and bruising. With proper treatment grade 1 ankle sprains take the least time to heal.
  • Grade 2 – Grade 2 ankle sprains are defined as having partially torn a ligament, stretching it to the point where it becomes loose. Grade 2 ankle sprains are more painful than grade 1 sprains and have a longer recovery time.
  • Grade 3 – Grade 3 ankle sprains are the most severe type of sprained ankle. Grade 3 ankle sprains are defined as a complete tear of the ligament, which causes instability in the affected joint. Grade 3 ankle sprains are the most painful and involve the longest recovery times.

AnkleAid is the first water submersion heat and ice bath design specifically for sprained ankle treatment and therapy. When used with ice water AnkleAid can help reduce pain, swelling, tissue breakdown and aid in the recovery of your sprained ankle.

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