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Heat Therapy for Muscle Spasms

Treating Muscle Spasms with Heat Therapy

What is a muscle spasm?

Muscle spasms are defined as involuntary contractions of your muscles that occur without warning. Generally, muscle spasms resolve themselves quickly but are often quite painful to those who experience them. Unlike muscle twitches, which are fine movements of smaller sections of larger muscles, muscle spasms usually involve the whole muscle.

What causes muscle spasms?

Muscle spasms can be caused by a few different factors including overuse, sprain, strain, or prolonged time spent in one position. Essentially what happens is that your muscles become dehydrated and depleted of electrolytes, causing them to contract involuntarily. Muscle cells need water, glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to function properly, which is why you often see athletes drinking sports drinks like Gatorade.

Why use heat therapy for muscle spasms?

When it comes to treating your muscle spasms, you should always use heat treatments like the AnkleAid thermal foot and ankle bath. Whereas cold treatments restrict blood vessels, AnkleAid heat therapy opens your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow into the area. Blood carries necessary healing agents, such as oxygen, into the area. The heat also helps to relax the muscles, which is important because it is the contraction that causes the muscle pain. Use of the AnkleAid hot water bath for foot and ankle muscle spasms provides a soothing healing environment that loosens the muscles and allows the oxygen rich blood to flow into the area.

It is important to note that you should always use moist heat at the very least. Dry heat not only irritates your skin but can cause other problems as well. Devices such as the AnkleAid are recommending for providing the right type of moisturized heat to calm your muscle cramps.

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