Innovative Solution to Help Kevin Durant Recovery from Jones Fracture November 06 2014

At the team practice on October 11, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant sustained an injury in his right foot that will keep him off the court for 6-8 weeks. Durant suffered a Jones fracture, which is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone. After successful surgery, which was performed on October 16, he began a recovery, and will be re-evaluated in 4-5 weeks. Jones fracture is not uncommon in the NBA, so from previous experience, and according to the Thunder officials, Kevin Durant is expected to miss 6-8 weeks of the new season.

With a Jones fracture, post-surgery recovery is very important, and every treatment that can aid and speed up the recovery is of great value for the healing process. One of the pillars of the treatment is an ice bath. Used both pre- and post-surgery, it is well-known as an efficient way to reduce the swelling and remove harmful fluids from the affected area, thus creating better conditions for recovery. The trouble with the ice bath is that it can be quite uncomfortable, either because the toes are submerged in the freezing water, or because the muscles get tired working to keep the foot in a position that will keep the toes out of the water.

An interesting product created by a company called AnkleAid offers an effective solution for these problems. It is a quite simple, yet a brilliantly designed water submersion device. It is designed specifically for the ankle and foot, which allows the ankles and the feet to assume natural and comfortable position while immersed in the ice bath. In addition to that, despite the fact that the ankle and the foot are fully immersed in the water, the toes are kept above the water level. This submersion device allows compliance with the full treatment time required for better and faster healing, and represents an innovative solution that could help patients who have suffered injuries such as the Jones fracture.